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Reservation Received!

Thank you for your reservation. Please allow our VIP host 10-15 minutes to confirm the Limo for your selected time slot. Once verified, your host will contact you with to confirm.

Limo driver will call when in route to pick you up. Please be ready for pick up as our drivers are on a tight schedule. As promised, the Limo is 100% Free! A tip to our drivers is always appreciate. 

Upon arrival, you will be greeted with our gorgeous and sexy exotic dancers of our award winning strip club. Again, as promised, free VIP Entry with 2 drinks minimum. See why Sophia's is voted # 1 in Las Vegas for Best Luxury Strip Club and #1 in Las Vegas for Best Topless Strip Club.  

See you soon for an unforgivable night in Sin City's finest...


Voted #1 in Las Vegas
Luxury Topless Strip Club


Open Daily 9pm - 6am

Sophia's Logo .png

3500 W Naples Dr, Las Vegas NV 89103